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Using the Launch Bar

The launch bar is where you will go to access most of the applications in Kahua. From the launch bar you can open and close applications, pin them to make them more easily accessible, determine which application appears when you first open Kahua, and access any application-specific help videos or documentation your organization has made available to you. Additionally, you can expand or collapse the launch bar itself. 

Expand or collapse the launch bar

The launch bar will always be present on the left side of Kahua, but you can set it to the expanded or collapsed view.  Click the collapse icon  or the expand icon  to change your view.  

In both the expanded and collapsed state, you can left-click on an application to open it, or right-click on an application's icon to access the launch bar menu.

Navigating the launch bar

The Apps application will always appear at the top of the list of applications.  You can use this app to access all the other applications in your domain.  The Apps application can be accessed from the launch bar or by clicking on the name of the currently open application in the header.

The remaining applications that appear in the launch bar are all the open applications and any applications that have been pinned to the launch bar.

Applications can be moved up and down the list by clicking and dragging them to the desired position.  The first application that appears below the Apps application will open by default when you launch Kahua.  

To determine if an app is pinned to the launch bar, hover over the application name with the launch bar in the expanded state.  The pinned icon  will appear for pinned applications.

To access the launch bar menu for an application, right-click on the application or, when the launch bar is in the expanded state, left-click on the ellipses icon.  

Launch bar menu options

The following options can appear in the launch bar menu for an application.  Not all options will appear for every application.  

Videos & Documentation - If your organization has set up any application-specific help videos or documentation, it will be available here.  If you are an administrator and want to learn more about making videos and documentation available to your users, refer to Managing Videos and Documentation in Applications.

Configure - Select this option to open the Configuration app to configure this application.  To learn more about the Configuration application, refer to Configuration Overview.

Open in New Window - Select this option to open the application in a separate window.  This can be helpful when you are working in multiple applications and need to compare the same information in multiple applications. 

Permission Explorer - This option is available to members of the Domain Admin group for the File Manager application.  Select it to open the Permission Explorer tab in the Status Window.  This page will show all the File Manager folders and individual users with access to them and their assigned role. Only direct users on the domain appear, i.e., contacts that are domain users or users who access a folder via sharing. Results can be filtered by entering filter terms in the column headers. Up to 50,000 rows appear on the page.  Select Export to export filtered results up to 1,000,000 rows.  Click the Open icon to open the folder directly.  Click the Refresh icon to update the results if changes are made in the folder. 

Sync/Disable Sync - Select this option to enable or disable syncing for an application.  This option is only available on certain applications.  For more information, refer to Kahua Offline.

Pin/Unpin from Launch Bar - You can pin applications to the launch bar. Pinned applications are always available from the launch bar and you do not have to navigate to the Apps application to launch them.  Drag and drop pinned applications to control the order in which they appear in the launch bar.  The first application under the Apps application will be the default one that opens when you launch Kahua.

Close Application - Select this option to close the application.  Applications that are pinned will remain visible on the launch bar.  Applications that are not pinned will disappear.  To re-open them, navigate to the Apps applications.  

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