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Sending a Message

All messages, both sent and received, are available in your Messages application. Messages are specific to your account and include all messages across projects and partitions. You can send a message through an application by selecting the Send action button at the top of your record or through the Messages application. In both cases, the input is similar.

  1. Click the Messages icon in the Apps Bar then select New from the Action Bar. (There is a Send option on the action bar in most apps that will bring up the same screen as Messages).
  2. Enter the recipient(s) in the To, Cc, or Bcc fields. Use the drop-down list to select from your Kahua Contacts. To send a message to someone outside your contact list, type their email address and press Enter.
  3. Subject is very important and recommend leading with Project Name – followed by what the email is about.
  4. Type the text and body of the message.
  5. Check Copy to Communications to save a copy of the message to the Communications application in your current project.
  6. Upload any attachments in the Attachments section of the message. You may choose to upload from your computer by clicking Upload or clicking Add Kahua Doc. This allows you to attach any Kahua record as an attachment.
  7. Click Send to send the message.

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