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Getting Started App

The Getting Started app provides links to recent tasks, projects, and messages. Educational material, self-help resources, support, and user account configuration for Domain Administrators are also easily accessible from Getting Started. 



Navigation Key: 

  1. Domain/Project Name and Project Details – The current project or domain that you are operating in. Hovering over the Project Name shows the “path” for which the project is located.
    • This ‘pencil’ icon next to your project name shows you detailed information about this project (details, measurements, status, address or property, and roster). You can edit project information from this window. This is often the first place you will make edits when a new project has been initiated
  2. Current App – The current application you are working in
  3. Project Finder – Navigate between domains and projects
  4. Apps – All of your Kahua apps – the list of apps here will dynamically change based on your permission level
  5. Search – Ability to search Kahua globally
  6. Tasks – Tasks assigned to you that you can manage and complete (the number is those that have not yet been addressed)
  7. Messages – Messages or notifications sent to you (the number is those that you have not read yet)
  8. Open Applications Bar – Any open applications you may be using while in Kahua show below the Messages app; apps can be closed by right clicking on the app and selecting ‘Close’
  9. Recent Tasks – Your most recently assigned tasks
  10. Recent Messages – Your most recently received messages
  11. Task by App – Analytical data concerning your outstanding tasks, organized by the app the task is in, as well as due date
  12. Open Tasks  – Analytical data concerning your outstanding tasks, showing how many you have and how many days you have left to complete them
  13. Recent Projects  –Your most recently accessed projects and quick links to them
  14. Take a Tour – Contains a list of video topics on how to use Kahua
  15. Get Productive – Contains a list of video topics on how to increase your productivity using Kahua
  16. Complete your Profile – Opens your account settings (contact information, default preferences, setting your signature, etc.). You can also access this in the upper right corner by clicking on your profile and selecting ‘My Settings’.
  17. Help Center – Opens a new browser window for Kahua Support’s website

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