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Another tab of Configuration is the Weather tab. This Configuration item will provide the opportunity to enable a project team to capture weather in set increments of time on a Daily Report. To define the frequency of weather capture for a project follow the details listed below:


  1. Open Configuration for the project that needs the weather defined OR in Edit mode of a Daily Report click on Configuration within the Weather Section. 
  2. Once in Configuration, go to the Weather tab and click Override. 
  3. Select the country, currently we support the US, Canada, Poland and the UK.
  4. Determine the Postal Code. You are then able to test to confirm the details are captured properly. 
  5. Ensure the project has a project end date in the project details (if it does not have an end date, you will be prompted). If you set the project end date while configuration is open, close configuration and open it again to move forward. 
  6. If the project has an end date, click the checkbox to Enable automatic weather saving.
  7. Next, you can determine the capture frequency by entering a Start Time and End Time. 
  8. Select the Capture Frequency which could be hourly, every 4 hours, or daily. 
  9. Then select Save.
  10. Now that the weather capture has been saved, the weather will begin to save for that project. At the end of the day, a user can open the Daily Report and select Add Daily Conditions. This will bring in the daily conditions for the times set in configurations.

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