The first user from a company that sets up a Kahua domain is by default the Kahua Domain Administrator and User Administrator.  The first purchased platform license is also assigned to this user in most cases.  To switch admin rights and licenses to another user, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in as the current Domain Administrator
  2. Click the Go button and pick the Groups app
  3. Select the 'Domain Administrator' group
  4. On the 'Member' tab, add another user, click the Add button
  5. Log in as the other user you just added to the Domain Administrator group
  6. Click the Go button and pick the Groups app
  7. Select the 'Domain Administrator' group
  8. Go to the Member tab, select the original domain administrator, then click the Remove button
  9. Click the Go button and pick the Administration/Licenses app
  10. Select the applicable production (Kahua Platform License)
  11. Select the original domain administrator and click the Revoke button
  12. Repeat step 11 for all other applicable products
  13. Select the product(s) and assign licenses to the new domain administrator
    OPTIONAL STEPS (to keep original user as an administrator without a license)
  14. Click the Go button and pick the Groups app
  15. Select the Domain Administrator group
  16. On the 'Member' tab, add the original user again, click the Add button