Kahua is excited to announce the new Kahua for Windows Desktop Application is now available. Click the link for more details and access to the new host webinar!

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New Kahua Desktop Host - Fall 2023

Kahua is excited to announce the new Kahua for Windows Desktop Application is now available. As part of our vision of having a consistent and highly performant web, mobile and desktop experience we have rebuilt our Windows Desktop Host from the ground up to utilize technology advancements from Microsoft, our Development Partners and our own Research & Development team. The new Desktop Application is now available. The current desktop host will remain available through November 1st, 2023. 

Kahua has hosted several webinars describing the changes, how IT departments and users can adjust to the host and review installation best practices. Please see the links below to view the recording. 

New Kahua Desktop Webinar #1 - 7/10/2023

New Kahua Desktop Webinar #2 - 8/4/2023


When will the new host be available?
Web - April 2023
Mobile - September 2023
Windows - August 2023
Is there any benefit to using the desktop app vs web?
Yes, the functionality and experience should be the same outside of the ability to sync files on desktop. 
Is there a test installer? Yes, https://devdailylaunch.kahua.com//windows/kahua_windows_x64.appinstaller 
How long will old app be supported?
WPF Installer will be supported for existing customer until 2023.5.
Will it be possible for a user with desktop app installed to still use the web host?
Yes, there will be an option to still launch the web when you go to launch.
We have SSO enabled for our company, please confirm the existing SSO settings will work with the new Desktop host upon go live.
SSO functionality will not be impacted when switching to the new host.
Will there be an appInstaller for Mac iOS systems?
No, Mac users will need to use the Kahua for web.
Will the formatting look drastically different?
There have been UI changes to improve usability but the format will not be drastically
Does the installer require administrator permission to launch?No, by default you are allowed to sideload unless otherwise specified. 

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